Looking The Part

It may be hard for some to believe that, ‘the most trusted man in America’ was once Walter Cronkite, he even looked the part, white haired and mustached, an over sixty-year-old news anchor, that was then, this is now, now we have come to expect that someone who reports the news to us on television to look like, if female, a super model, if male bordering on a Hollywood hunk. There was a time when seeking any professional help, the degree of confidence was raised if they appeared with even a little gray on the side and not look like they had just graduated university, even if at the top of their class, it’s the ‘appearance of experience’ that counted, except today from our news anchors, this even extends to our political leaders, we want them blond dyed and ageless. Marketers have reasoned you are more likely to purchase sleeping pillows from a man on television if he dyed his hair, even if it could clearly be seen that he does. A Florida journalist turned professional pitch-man, Larry King, can be seen on television selling any and everything in well dyed hair aged into his eighties and we are willing buy into that fakery with gleaming delight. And as Bob Dylan once sang, ‘what else can you show me’…. from It’s Alright, Ma (I’m only Bleeding) … Bringing It All Back-Home album.