Glamour Journalist Practicing Appearance Journalism


I confess that I watch a lot of television programing dealing with progressive issues, particularly women progressive issues, longtime favorite is, To the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe on my local PBS station WNET Saturday’s, which is always DVR’d, the idea eye opener for this post occurred on the broadcast that aired on 04/28/2017 with the appearance of Alveda King, an American activist not on a panel but in a short-recorded segment, the stand out for me was she appeared with gray hair. To the Contrary is well known for engaging in discussion on every progressive issue under the sun except for two let’s just call them the third rails of women’s issues, gray hair and age, for the sake of this post, no age numbers will be offered here. Long time and frequent panelist is United States Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton, my guess she is the oldest reoccurring panelist, not…

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