“Some Old Timers Will Remember”

Some old timer’s will remember the phrase, “If you believe that one, then I have some swampland in Florida to sell you.” That aphorism would be put into play just after someone made an assertion that stretched the bungee cords of believability to their limits (as in, “The Cubs look like they’re going to win the World Series this Year, and if you believe that one….”). There was a time when swampland in Florida was considered to be useless…without value. By extension, an agent trying to sell it to you, probably wasn’t doing you any favors, even at rock-bottom pricing.
Somehow a wily salesman from the swamps of Florida must have captured Walt Disney’s imagination. Where others saw a useless wasteland, he saw gold. Soon, the swamp was drained, alligators relocated, and property values all around the Magic Kingdom skyrocketed. Billions of dollars later, it’s hard to remember the risky nature of Disney’s transformational dream. Copyright © 2017, Dr. Tom Wagner. All Rights Reserved.