Him…At The United Nations

About this President of the United States, Donald Trump, first United Nations speech before its General Assembly (today), that can only be called, amateurish in scope and narrowly short sighted in conception, unschooled in the fine art of international diplomacy who was chosen to represent a founding member since 1945 of the United Nations. Its unheard of for any member state to openly threaten another member in speech to “totally destroy” another member state. Then to insult the rule of law to charge a member state with unproven crimes as a point of fact without any proof before trial. I heard one American supporter say that ‘the U.S. was sick and tired of trying to persuade North Korea to give up its quest for nuclear weapons, now is the time for action, the trying again and again has produced no desired results’, upon hearing that assertion, I pictured a child living in a cave after an all-out nuclear exchange, during a long cold endless nuclear winter, asking her father, why didn’t someone try harder, again and again?