Check Your integrity at the Studio Door

You are a female newly cum laude graduate journalism student from one of the most prestige’s universities in the world assigned to participate in a political Sunday morning chat show for the first time, upon arrival its noticed all the female panelist are in blond dye streaking hair; what do you do for your next appearance next week. Dye your hair too, dance the minuet without music? To get along go along? Yes, to all the above. And if asked to, synthetic hair would not be refused. It’s no longer a fad it has become a custom, practiced by all employed in broadcast news before the camera, part and parcel of a uniform, few if any questions are asked, it’s the accepted norm, so get over it, get with the program as if born to it, your new way of life before the cameras, transferred to your everyday true to life personal self, you are, have become an oddity without portfolio…

Now cue the background dancers…

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