Prime as in First?

This Sunday at 9p MSNBC will re-broadcast America in Prime Time which has sent this blogger to be wondering if it will include their customary annoying news crawl and their gigantic corporate logo on the screen, and oh yes, where have I seen this programing before? So, let’s just ask Wikipedia… reprinted below…

“America in Primetime is a 2011 four-part documentary series, focusing on television in the United States. Originally produced for and broadcast by the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), the series is a production by The Documentary Group, in collaboration with the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation and WETA-TV. The rights to the series were purchased by the United Kingdom’s British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in 2013. The episodes were re-edited and clips of Alan Yentob introducing different segments, shot on location in different areas of America, were added. Exploring both old and new television series, each episode centers on the evolution of certain character archetypes – such as female and male archetypes, misfits, and heroes – in primetime TV. The series features interviews with a wide variety of influential people in television, including actors, creators, writers and executive producers, talking about their own shows and others. The documentary features a lot of footage from the programs discussed”.

The above program is well worth watching again to anyone interested in television as a history, but with marketing commercials this time thrown in is indeed a head puzzler…

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