Bedtime Story

Have you seen Meghan Markle? Meghan who? You know that girl they are calling the Markle “Sparkle”, no, tell me more… Have just watched ABC’s 20/20 and if I did not know better, it was put together by some press agent or publicist with a keen marketing eye for a future product, American Royalty. So, I said to myself, self, a line borrowed from Bette Midler, this can’t be all true, or is it, a life prepared for a new life across the pond, a life of good royal works, once blazed by a very popular princess, that may be referred to in the future as the Duchess of Sussex. With little girls everywhere, already wonting to be just like her. So, which begs the question, how long will it take for, just for appearance’s sake, to have her lighten her hair color for whatever is trending faddishly at the some given time in the future of a celebratory make-over, which we all know is coming, how fast, is never known, until its upon us. This twelve-year-old who had the power and would change a television ad from, ‘women’ are fighting greasy pots and pans to ‘people’ are fighting greasy pots and pans cannot be all bad just a little ahead of her time. If there ever was a time when the future of world thinking about race would be changed by the staid old world of the House of Windsor this maybe it, “who’d a thunk it” in the words of Mortimer Snerd, that that task may lie in the hands of a multiracial American pointing the way for others to change their way of thinking and follow a new accepted norm, everybody is a part of some other body, chemically, genetically and culturally too.

One last thought, Americans became comfortable in time with their first lady baring arms, the wonder now will the British be able to follow suit? And she has that sparkle that pleases so well without a lot of make-up…for now at least…

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