Old Bottle, New Wine

Tonight (12/04/2017), the CBS Evening News gets a new anchor (again) and what that can mean to viewers, those that are fans, nothing, its hopped, but to others that can mean the unforeseen closing before they had a chance to witness the most comfortable news for the eyes in all of broadcast television news. With every newness of anchor can mean a changing of the guard sort of speak, new producers, new executive producers, new director(s), new crop of writers. And here is what its hoped not, a news crawl and banners, a banner incase you did not know but surly have seen, is when something is said, then splashed on the screen to be read, closing the mind to new information while repeating the old, or a segment title carried along to the next reporter. Then there is the mention of a well-known name launching a string of images of that person, walking into buildings, getting in and out of cars, what ever is in the image archives to the annoyance of viewers who would rather be exposed to just one to trigger the memory banks. A distracting animated network logo calling attention to itself which is not news but there it is. Don’t get me wrong, some well-intended graphs can help illustrate a story but can also take over the story leaving some viewers dizzy its better to up the writing instead. To all broadcast producers, details of any given story just cannot be explained in one half hour so don’t try, like the old New York Times radio spot used to urge, for more information, read The New York Times.

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