Hey, Lady…

The Vanguard: Women in Media on NYC Media NYC.Gov, is just what the title celebrates, however, what it does not dare to mention or explore that nobody gives a dam about what they have to say unless they conform to what is expected of them as women. So, I will dare to mention it for them, no gray hair will be allowed. If anyone doubt me, just try to get a job in media, even in print or radio with some. If you are just starting out in media and have yet to start dying your hair, don’t, or are well into dying your hair, stop, see how long your career will last. What is truly sad about women in media is that there are no role models, no pioneers, to look to who have blazed the trail of simply being a mature woman in media, one would have thought after the burning of bras would have been the spark of some sort of a liberation movement, the so-called women movement did not offer any encouragement or leadership of any kind either. Women of 2017 are still living in the dark ages, no, make that the blond ages of women in media…

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