Amanpour: No one expected a Charlie Rose lookalike should anything happen to Charlie Rose, least of all this blogger, however, coming from a sometime staple of CNN, where a crowded screen is the norm, is noted for its screens of clutter, it was not expected to see it so pathetically transported to PBS in such an annoying volume, which has always been noted for the most part for clean broadcast screens no matter the program. From its first airing, I was blasted with a large over powering topic/subject banner that I guess by its producers thought would be essential to whatever is discussed, not an annoyance, when a few spoken words by the host would be far better, no one watches television to do a lot of reading. Most conclusions in broadcast discussion would like to have it discovered and explored by the viewer, not have to read it on the screen, taking passivity to an all time low. What’s next, the height of broadcast annoyance, news crawls, a news crawl on PBS for the very first time in its history.

A closing remark, most people that devour most of their news from television have had their analytical skills dulled to such a point that when they try to consume news from other media often find themselves lost at sea, over powered, unable to cope, soon return to a media that mostly never challenges them into any meaningful hard thinking.

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