Not Smart Enough for Television News

This Week with George Stephanopoulos on ABC is a Sunday morning political chat show featuring panel discussion. As the subject under discussion changed so did the on-screen banners as if the viewers were unable to determine the change using their analytical skills to follow along as the subject matter progressed. This is not unique among most televised news programs but is a sign of the dumbing down of the television news viewing population. From the first moments of the 01/07/2018 program, ‘Trump fires back after bombshell book’, ‘New book portrays White House disfunction’, ‘Taking stock of the Republican party’, ‘Trump faces question on mental fitness’, and ‘Critics question accuracy of “Fire & Fury”, I didn’t glean the above from hearing the discussion but read them on the bottom of the screen like everyone else who watched the program, very much like following a bouncing ball as song lyrics are displayed on the screen in a movie theater.

Resolution, this program and so many others like it, offer no meaningful reason to listen to a televised panel discussion, just read the banners and consider oneself well informed.

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