In Memory of Eric Garner

Approached by New York City police for selling untaxed stamped cigarettes, a finable offence of which Eric Garner has had a run in with the law before, in fact, many times, everyone involved knew the drill, Garner viewed the approachment as harassment, however, this time this nonviolent incident took a downward turn, that resulted in Garner being choked to death. This blogger cannot help but wonder that if Garner was dressed in suit and tie, a summons would have been written, to appear before a judge, to pay a fine, a physical confrontation avoided, but jeans and T-shirt calls for a totally different kind of treatment, a take down, which is how most poorly dressed people are treated, dressed in a tuxedo, not on your life. On July 13, 2015, an out of court settlement was granted the Garner family in the amount of $5.9 million, a high cost to NYC tax payers, simply because of a common courtesy was not extended and was avoided…  

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