Its So Ambiguous

When I was in grade school living in a five-story tenement walkup in the Bronx, most of the kids in the surrounding buildings like me lived a very structured life style. Upon arriving from school, we changed from school clothes to play clothes, was given a snack that would hold us till called for dinner, was told to go out and play, but stay in front of the building, in such a small space we invented, developed games that have since been passed, I’m told, on to other boroughs with some refinements. Then the greatest baby-sitting gadget came into the home, television, was then told to just sit and watch it and be quiet, then it got even worse when it was moved into the bedroom, was then told to go to our room, close the door and watch some television and be quiet. Today, another baby-sitting contraption rears its ugly head, the mobile device. Whom do most parents blame for this unpleasant invasion that’s interfering in the raising of their offspring, the developing companies by not providing any meaningful controls that they had the power, the responsibility, to put in place, not since the television entered the home, which was passive, as these widgets are not, that require, no demand, quite a lot of attention, and can be tweaked, are even more addictive then television ever was. So, what’s to become of the next generation? Perhaps, in the researched data on the mobile, the answer can be found.

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