There’s Always Time for Improvement

After writing the below post, I placed it on ice in the hope that ‘Amanpour’ would dare to show some improvement, it has, I have now included it in my daily DVR program rotation, with the hope that a mistake has not been made. For any televised discussion, for clarity of presentation there is nothing like a nice clean screen without any annoying distractions…  


There are so many things I deeply miss about the Charlie Rose program, among them are chiefly, a panel discussion on so many different subjects, or the one talking head for the hour, without an annoying news crawl or descriptive banner on the screen both serving as a distraction, and unnecessary screen clutter, sometime proposing a conclusion and point of view not shared by me the viewer. I’m hoping for just such another discussion program to come along in 2018 to fill this aching hole in my intellectual television viewing, it was hoped that (Christine) Amanpour would be able to fill that void, but her program screen is just too dam busy for me to concentrate on the program content without the feeling of dizziness by all the wizardry that is supposed to aid in subject clarity but does not… 

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