Can You Repeat That?

MSNBC’s Boston born Lawrence O’Donnell, recently confessed to almost daily while on the air having to suppress his Boston accent, which is just one of the many regional accents that can be heard in America, from southern, to western, to that Long Island sound. When listening to network television news it may be thought to be totally void of any accents, if so, you would be wrong, a British accent has always been pleasurable to the American ear, and is very much allowed, in fact during the 1960’s a secretary with one could command a higher salary, it was then thought to project a more proper high-end image of a firm. However, what was once true, is no longer true, after the devastation on the Island of Puerto Rico after a hurricane, more and more Hispanic accents can now be heard reporting on the aftermath conditions on the Island, seemly giving their reports, I guess, some added authenticity. Which may lead someday to be heard after a southern U.S. disaster, “As y’all can plainly see” …

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