EYE Immigrant

I have no idea whether its true or not, but it’s so often reported as to have gain some validity, that shelter dogs make the best pets by simply coming from such a deprived existence that a warm and loving environment with plenty of food is appreciated to the extreme. I contend that the same may be true of those immigrants coming from some third world countries, where even a minimal education for boys can cost a year worth of wages and may be even nonexistent for girls at any price. I further submit that for an immigrant after arriving in the U.S., to drop out of school is unheard of as it is common for some native born. As for those immigrants coming from a first world nation, after learning the language and culture can become a success too, but it’s the third world immigrants that have that uncompromising savage will to succeed with less and will most often do so. I relish the story of one immigrant family that opened a fruit store with one banana and peach, by staying open 24/7, employing the entire family from the youngest to the oldest, built it into the largest in an area. I would be faulting in my recollection, if I did not mention that the same opportunities are available to all, they are, but it’s that driving hunger to succeed, forged by the immigrant experience, that gives them that added addition, that difference that has made America, a nation of immigrants, for immigrants, that America that is sought the world over because of its built-in ideals, from the rich and poor alike, that when they appear at the door step, they must be let in, it’s well known, that this America without its fresh crop of immigrants, like a vine without leaves, producing no fruit on the vine will soon wilt and die…

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