What’s the Purpose of a News Crawl, Besides an Annoyance

This afternoon I turned on my cable box, scanned seven channels, on each was the live report of the White House doctor, Ronny Jackson announcing that this American President was medically fit to serve, on each of the seven channels a news crawl ran at the bottom of the screen; each time I see one, I must ask why? Did a gaggle of viewers write those channel networks begging for one? Or did some hot-shot marketing executive take it upon self to include one, then all the others just followed in suit, you see, television is one of the most “me to” industries if there ever was one, “monkey see, monkey do”. If anyone was seriously interested in this medical report, would not opt to have it mired by hundreds of other stories on the screen at the same time, all soliciting for attention, I’m sure the good doctor would not want to share the stage with those other stories either. Does anyone really read the content of a news crawl? Which seem to this blogger that they are only placed on the screen to compete with what ever else is on the screen, serving both with less of the attention they deserve and by inclusion serving exclusion of both to some extent.

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