A Little Hollywood, A Little Real Life

In one of the key establishment character scenes of some the personalities in 1954’s, The Barefoot Contessa, we meet, a film/director, a Hollywood gofer, money man and blond bombshell type, their appearance mirroring what very much one would find today in 2018 Hollywood. Dyed heads all, except when a toupee would be a necessary, so, fakery has not changed much since then and is still very much in play, in drama as well as in real life depicted in photoplays. Fast forward to a current situation comedy supposedly set in a 1986 East Texas town, one would think that the then hairstyles would have been carefully researched to the point of to know not to depict a woman with dyed blond hair, revealing dark roots, a no-no then, as is the style these days, even the odd chance of hair being naturally streaked, a full uniformed hair-dye would have been performed straight away in the 1980’s, streaking hair shades, again, a no-no.


One last point, a movie or television production with child actors, their lines are always carefully monitored by a, pardon the expression, a script girl, for clarity of diction, however, what is really required is a person without a copy of the script, an elocution expert with excellent hearing…demanding, can you repeat that, only correctly this time, or, make it sound clearer… I mean, can you repeat it, please…as the child actor storms off the set, crying to parents… claiming to have said the line correctly… but that is not what was heard…without having a copy of script to compare what should have been spoken, hearing what the audience will hear, the clarity of diction can be demanded and corrected…

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