Television, Not For Reading

When I watch a televised news program, I don’t want to, nor expect to, do a lot of reading and if I do find some, am annoyed, so, for local televised news I have switched to WCBS-TV, Channel 2 news in New York City, the 5p-6p broadcast to be precise. This program is not banner free, just banner less, than all the other local broadcast newscasts in my area. My televised news rotation once included all three of the major broadcast news networks, along with the English language DW-TV News and BBC America but, was chased away by all the annoying banners and sometime news crawl, and further, what is voiced is instantly displayed on the screen as text. The only text I welcome on a news television program are, proper names and titles, and location, anything else is an unforgivable annoyance from the mission of a news broadcast, that should be some form of comfort in having the news, a very personal affair for me, reported to me… I have always looked upon television as a visual, audio medium… only, and is repulsed by those who are trying to make of it something it is not… a book with moving pictures and sound…

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