Heightened Sensitivity

The current Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence, has been married to Karen Pence since 1985, they met while he was in law school, she married her first husband in 1978, they were soon divorced. Whenever I see a picture of Mike and Karen together, my mind starts to wonder if soon after their marriage, an agreement was made between them, that she would culturally agree to maintain the trophy wife status, by never appearing in age related gray hair, like so many other married couples. Their appearance together produces a striking contrasting appearance, he in white hair and she in dark hair. The burden of trophyism almost always fall to the female to be maintained, although, some males in a marriage have been known to dye their hair or wear a toupee, especially when married to a much younger partner, thereby avoiding that awkward contrasting appearance. Growing up on my city block, there was this married couple, the female was over a foot taller then her husband, when ever they walked together, the contrasting stares must have felt like jeering shocks of gunfire, looking back, it didn’t seem to matter to them, everyone could plainly see that they were very much in love, that the cultural differences of their different heights, just didn’t matter. What did matter, to those very jealous on lookers, that hated them, because they didn’t have a loving partner of their own, to walk with of any height.

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