The United States has such an overbearing self-worth, of self-importance, if you will, as a kinda  policemen over the whole world, that has led them to traveling around and capturing people, labeling them, unlawful combatants, illegal combatants, unprivileged combatant, belligerents, take your pick, who are, so claimed, are in armed conflict against The United States, who may be detained without prosecution by no certain international laws, for an uncertain amount of time, where cases of torture, has been alleged. Such arrogance, if fully or partially practiced by other countries en mass, would have long been taken before the United Nations, tagged a crime against all humanity. These illegal apprehensions, are dared not taken to be imprisoned within American borders, where American law would not allow it, since there are no such laws on the books that would even remotely govern it, but to an off-shore prison run by the military, where civil and international laws can be more easily hidden, circumvented by yards of illegal bureaucratic red tape, I give you, The Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp, Gitmo, for short. Now picture if you can, a vacationing American father of six, with wife in tow, anywhere on earth, taken into custody for an uncertain amount of time, labeled anyone of the above illegitimate descriptive charges, then advise where in the world he can turn, seeking a redress of his imprisoned situation…if the above is not personal enough, or to your liking, how about if it was you and yours so imprisoned?


Sidebar: There are a lot of wrong doing in the world that remain unpunished, simply because there is no punishable governing law in place. To address any perceived wrong, that warrant punishment, a law must first be imposed to address that wrong, one cannot simply take it upon themselves to inflect punishment willy-nelly…

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