Hair Today, II

There are more female journalist appearing on television then ever before, many in beauty queen mode, even among the older ones, not one gray hair head among them, far too many blonds to count. That is the cultural real life of television today, and is very much expected, as our fake theatrical life has spilled into reality. Did anyone expect the returning cast of Will & Grace, after being absent for ten years, to show much gray hair, not this blogger, or anyone cued into current television hair fads. Which brings me to mention, the return of Roseanne from 1988. The ABC television network has released a few promo pictures of as they called them, ‘the Conner clan’, updated, as we are to believe that after all these years, again, no gray hair, of course they all could have dyed their hair, but why? Marketing managers are keenly aware, nobody likes to watch a bunch of gray haired old fogies on television, when the remembrance of yesterday is more important in terms of today’s television marketing viewership, with all its current hair shade fads. Who can tell just by appearance, who is the mother, the grandmother or even the great grandmother, not me. There’s a rumor making the rounds to remake the 1977 miniseries, Roots, and if the keen awareness of trending fads of marketing managers get their way, it will be done with all the female roles appearing in straight hair wigs… such is the power of the purse…

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