Safe, but poorly educated

Sometime the coupling of fear and greed can be a good thing, like the developing of product and industry that did not exist before, like automobile seatbelts and airbags. However, the fear of illegal immigrants that is driving The Wall Industry, is not a good thing, enabling all the no-good components of a ‘now’ miniature type police force, to guard the U.S. southern border, that may in the future become out of control, intoxicated with power. The fear of school house shootings is rushing into high gear, the hardening of buildings with all manner of security personnel and gadgetry, an expenditure to be folded into already strapped educational budgets, costing up to one hundred thousand plus dollars to install per building, plus yearly maintenance for a typical high school (upgrade), creating a wind fall for a lot of coupling industries, for a well to do community, kinda ok, if they can afford it, in a poorer one, not so much, meaning less spent on the critical educational needs of that community, further setting it back to a new stone age in its educational development, a community safe and sound, but poorly educated, not properly engineered for a demanding technocratic future on any level…

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