“Standing on Ceremonies”

This Sunday, in celebration of its self, the film industry will be presenting the Academy Awards, the 90th in the series, in which, no matter the age or characterization of the principals in a movie, few if any will appear with gray hair. And that will prove double for the real-life presenters and receivers of the awards, it’s the way of the Hollywood marketing machine. And absolutely, no bald women, even if the probability is almost a 30% chance of one or two appearing under a very expensive wig, however, no such restrictions exist for the males of the species. Another truism, women must walk around while appearing on the red carpet in tinsel town, in the highest of heels, even if well hidden under a long gown. For so many years, the group think in this Hollywood factory town has been stagnant in nature, to be far more exact, a ‘stag’, closed enterprise, now opening up just a little, as the old guard passes away, whose place’s is being filled with a new open minded generation of movie makers, with a keen eye for a more diverse marketing to, audience, demanding product reflecting their way of life, with a limitation on the fantasy of storied movie production, of more real to life stories, if you will, of real life people that can be seen walking down any street in America, or more to the point, who ever walked down that street, historically speaking, which at times was not a pretty picture. All the above is as clear as one hundred billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri…for anyone who dares to seek and find… “Hooray for Hollywood”.

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