Men Will Be Boys

Is Whoopi Goldberg required to dye her hair as host of The View?

“A woman’s place is in the home”, this idiom has been described as an artistic expression characteristic of a period, used quite effectively against the effort of women in their struggle to win the right to vote, along with equal pay for equal work. After the right to vote was won, women were accepted in a limited way with a lot of appearance conditions in most walks of everyday life, as part of the work force, or so it seems, they must forever appear as women, meaning, in dyed hair, false eyelashes, greasy red lips, in heels no less, as a kinda trophy if you will, in the work place, in real life. A quick look sees of all the women that currently appear on television will confirm my declaration. It’s just as important for a woman to appear as this exotic creature as it is to be over prepared with extra knowledge of the subject to be discussed, as the price that must be paid to be so included, as in, its make-up first, girl. Any program featuring a lot of women, the number of sets of greasy lips can include from two to ten, and some wigs. Men at one time was excluded from such exhibitionism, but not anymore. A Googled image of any male television personality today, will uncover varying degrees of gray hair and fullness of hair from their past, ok fine, but it’s the oddity that brings on a laugh, of those that are on television daily, from day to day, they age, then suddenly not, I would love at this point to name names, but my editors would not grant me the much-needed space. So, I write, you have eyes, don’t you?

Oh hell, here are just a few for you to feast on…

Don Lemon, Anthony Mason, partially, Fareed Zakaria, Jose Diaz-Balart, Bill Richardson, John Vause, Lou Dobbs, Willie Geist, David Shuster, Sam Champion, Tucker Carlson, Eric Shawn,  Charles Krauthammer, James Brown, Bret Baier, Lawrence O’Donnell, Shepard Smith, Jim Cramer’s ‘beard’, Andrew Napolitano, Brian Brenberg, Brian Kilmeade, John Dickerson, Glover Norquist, Larry Elder, Ron Wyden, Neil Cavuto, Raj Shah, Chuck Robbins, Kevin Cullen, Juan Williams, Michael Beschloss, Charlie Kirk, Edmund Lee, Raymond Lesniak, Chris Wallace, Wilbur Ross, Sebastian Gorka, John Avlon, Arthur Laffer, Jack Hough, Nick Adams, Tony Aiello, Chris Murphy, Jim Dolan, Lee Goldberg, Steven Mnuchin, Dominic Chu, Jason Chaffetz, Richard Codey, Steve Overmyer, NJ Burkett, Aaron Bean, Tim Schmidt, Lionel Richie, Jack Kingston, Joe Torres, Mick Mulvaney, Doug Heye, Pat Toomey, Thomas Massie, Douglas Brinkley, James Freeman, David Rolfe, and, Scott Shellady, that’s all the space I have for this project for this week, more, next week… But for your kind consideration, would you, or do you, think any less or more, of the opinions expressed by any of the above men, if they appeared in, or, because of their gray hair, if not, then the wonder is, why are they so engaged?

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