King of the Korean Peninsula

As anyone deeply knowledgeable of American foreign or trading policies must very well know, that few close allies would ever branch out on their own with an independent theory, that is even remotely conversely to that of the U.S. So, if any credit is to be given to bringing the North Koreans in from the cold, must be given to the new leadership in South Korea, under President Moon Jae-in, as other past South Korean Presidents, either lack the vision or were hand tied by U.S. policy, and dared not step out of line. We now know that it was Moon who ‘told’ President Trump of his plan to send a special envoy to North Korea in response to an invitation from North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, the key word here is, ‘told’, not ‘asked’ if it would be, ‘ok’. Further, it was Moons decision to accept a senior North Korean delegation, including, Kim Jong Un sister to the Olympics that led to a crack in the ice clad foreign policies of all three nations of the past decades. I am not so naive as to not consider that the largest package of sanctions played an all-important part in ending the perseverance of outdated 1950’s era policies, they did. However, it was Moon that provided the much-needed grease, that helped ease the way into a world that now finds itself, in the bosom of a little more of a nuclear safe world, well sort of…

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