Gerontology of Mind

There is a scene in the movie, “Eye of the Needle”, in which the leading lady, played by, Kate Nelligan, battles a German spy, Donald Sutherland, in a storming pouring rain in and around a lighthouse, a nightmare for any on set make-up technician for sure, who later must appear in a shore line closing scene, bone dry, looking as if she just left the make-up chair, hair and make-up fully restored from her earlier appearances. So, this is Hollywood, as we the dim-witted consumer of all sort of fakery duly accept, just as we are expected to accept the Connor’s of 1988, that include, Roseanne Barr and John Goodman and others, into our homes without anyone of them having aged, without even one lonely strand of gray hair, and we gladly do so without questioning or wondering, how is this possible. No matter at this stage of the game, as this fakery has now bled into our television journalists, and journalism, who all look like they just left university, or more to the point, how they must have looked way back then. Jane Fonda is eighty-years old, Gloria Steinem, has been around since the first sparks of the feminist movement, not to make a spectacle of these ladies, but it does say something phony about them wanting to appear as before, and of us, enabling them to cash in on this fakery with all the encouragement we can muster. “Darling, you look marvelous”, when you look faked up and old. Its no crime to be or to appear so and should be a sport of pride and flaunted at every turn, and not be hidden with surgery and pounds of make-up at great expense. In old Hollywood, glamorous leading ladies, wake up in the morning looking like a cover girl. I remember Marlene Dietrich in a movie, we are led to believe has been slogging in a steaming hot jungle for weeks, looking like a cover girl on a Vogue magazine cover in every scene, but that’s all right, we accept it and will continue to do so, after all, ‘we are Hollywood’, and it is already deeply engrained in our cultural self, meaning, us…

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