Thank goodness for the practical among us

Today on Varney & Co., on The Fox Business Network, featured a segment on a student skipping college, an honor student, to become a grease monkey, a mechanic. Raelee Nicholson, simply explained that she liked getting her hands dirty, working on cars, so what? you may ask. Well I’ll tell you so what, growing up in my younger days in NYC, it was the less then scholarly students that were encouraged not to waste they’re and the states time and money at a four-year university, but to attend a two year or less, institution of practical, functional training, meaning a vocational educational school, a trade school. Well I’m here to write, that so many of those so called less then scholarly, grew up to become the best of those now employed in the trades, why, simply because they had the smarts and that special calling to excel, and anyone that ever had to have their home or car, repaired, are now glad of their choices too.

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