Television, then and now

I’m old enough to have lived during what is now considered televisions golden age, when there were only three major television networks, all broadcasting in black and white. Then gradually, broadcast color technology matured, almost overnight, the then all-male talk show hosts began appearing in loud tricolored sport coats, with even louder striped colored ties, often opening their coats displaying outrages multicolored abstract linings. Then saner minds took hold at the networks, that we are experiencing today in male on air attire, dark suits, black ties, and white shirts, all quite tame in contrast to the past. That is not the end of the story, all that showing off, of exhibitionism, has now shifted to the faces of every female that has anything to do with televised news broadcasting, so much so, that I often turn away from the screen, as to not be distracted by all the flashy streaked hair colors, not found in nature, the long false eyelashes and enough grease on bright red lips to slip on a floor, if walked upon. It’s all mostly have become about the hair, among some ethnicities, a straight hair wig may be employed for uniformity among female anchors, with rosy cheeks, when their applied to their skin pigmentation, makes them appear rather clownish, if not down right bizarre. 

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