Two for Dinner, the President and the People

Just watched The White House Correspondence Dinner (2018) on C-Span, which must have been very trying for those with CNN affectations without being reminded by way of giant on-screen banners serving as a confirmation of what they are watching. This year’s media commentator, no make that, basher, was comedian Michelle Wolf, who left no dirty news story washed, which is how we like our news stories, muddy and contaminated with infectious microorganisms which can easily be identified in our everyday televised news broadcasts, starting tomorrow, now that we know what to look for, and how to enjoy them. I don’t know if this annual dinner can be classified as a glamorous affair, requiring special facial make-up on the faces of female on air talent, which seemed somewhat toned down, compared to the made-up faces on yesterdays news broadcasts, which as always can be counted on to be just a little over the top in extravagance, which is how we have grown to love our female news readers to appear, providing some with a daily sexual charge in imagery. The scintillating saving grace of this event is that some words and phrases have become main stream, no longer shocking to the ears of children, but have become the everyday speech pattern on most playgrounds in mimic of this American President, and accurate news stores of his extra activities. Of this year’s award-winning pictorial of scholars shows, most seem to have already gotten the message, that streaking dyed hair can aid in securing an on-air spot in television news broadcasting, including long straight hair can’t hurt either. At this year’s dinner it seemed far more than just likely than in past years that demonstrations would erupt in protest for insulting the President, and a counter demonstration in Michigan in protest for insulting the first amendment. These are the times, the Trump times, in which we now find ourselves living in…for the present…until when?

Not Yet Written

Ever since the start of the 2016 presidential campaign, even before it, those that regularly read this blog, know that I have been promising that someone will write the definitive, consummating book in the style of a Theodore H. White, The Making of the President 1960, 1964, 1972, 1978, (2016), a critic of mine would shoot back, it has already been done, done by Roger Stone, and I would reply, Ha. I’m not one to belittle the scholarly effort of another writer, but Mr. Stone’s book, is not in the same class as a Teddy White book, a Teddy White book would be written from a bipartisan point of view, which clearly, Mr. Stone’s book is not. Also, it must be noted that being a “personal” friend of one of the principal candidates does not necessarily disqualify one from writing an accurate account of an election, but it does raise some suspicions on some of the interpretations of some key events, as if the aim is to display one of the candidates in a more favorable light, as compared to and at the expediency, rather than principle, over any one of the other candidates raised cardinal issues. So, as of this posting, still no consummate book has been put forward, just a lot of splintered tell all accounts, written by seemly partisans with very different agendas coloring just the facts ma’am. So, if you don’t mind I and many others will continue to wait and wait, until, who knows…?

Television News Simplified

On the 9th of May 1961, the then Chair of the Federal Communications Commission called television, in part, a “vast wasteland”, anyone hearing that speech today would note that he was referring largely to entertainment programing prevailing on the air at that point in time. Anyone today starting a ‘niche’ print publication will have the freedom to be as pacific as their knowledge of a subject will allow, the audience will never complain, they purchased the product with the expectation of details, will never find it boring, will be begging for more. However, television is a far different animal in the realm of media, its programing must be broad based, meaning that it must appeal to the less then high schooled educated along with the highbrow intellectual academic, with us common folk suffering in the middle. A typical news program must be as simple and as complicated as the producers dare it to be allowed, how that is managed with every broadcast is nothing short of a miracle, boarding on the supernatural. After years of watching television news, I figured how it’s done, with banners at the bottom of the screen, describing the subject as an overview for the simple minded, as well as five images of the person being mentioned by name, the well-educated, don’t need any of it, have remembered the subject and the person image, will just listen, so they will turn away from the screen, the news program will then be enjoyed by all.

A Deceptive Appearance

” ( is an independent, non-profit, advertising watchdog organization whose mission is to empower consumers to protect themselves and one another against false advertising and deceptive marketing”. Excerpted from Wikipedia…

To coin a phrase, ‘the question before the house’ is, a journalist, a television journalist engaging in false advertising by appearing in facial make-up and/or in hair dye, is their integrity being called into question by presenting themselves in false attirement, as in covering, concealment, hiding something from view, such as a perceived unattractive appearance, can it be called, deceptive marketing? The product of a journalist is truth, as in how many have been injured, is it more believable from a made-up face then not, from a wigged head then not. It’s us, the viewer, seemly we very much prefer our journalists, chiefly, our female television journalists, to look cheap, trashy and whore like, just ask any central casting director, casting a female television journalist for a movie. Now about those male television journalists, I counted five this Sunday alone that appeared in a freshly dyed head of hair, how do I know this, just last week they appeared with some gray hair, Sunday there was none of it. Deceptive marketing or bending the truth just a little? The question before the house…Must female journalist blond dye their hair to be allowed to appear on television reporting the news, or, in some cases, in a synthetic, the answer is a resounding yes…How many bald women reading the news are there on television? Zero. How many gray-haired women are reading the news on television? Maybe an unconfirmed, one, however, good luck just trying to find her.

Believe Me Or Not

By everyone’s reckoning, except mine, the 1997 film, Titanic, was a smash hit, as for me, I was never able to wrap my mind around a itinerant, lower class orphaned, artist from Wisconsin, even if he had once toured world class cities like Paris, after winning tickets in a poker game, was able to board the RMS Titanic, traveling as a third class passenger, was then able to mix with the swells in first class, even if dressed in a well fitted tuxedo, speaking the lower class lingo I imagined he did, not for one minute, much less an entire evening of dining without once or twice tipping his hand of his less than proper upbringing, even if able to adopt fine dining mannerisms, the idiosyncrasy of the genteel tableware, must have been a challenge, observed as lacking in the social graces. Which brings me to ABC’s television series, Designated Survivor, at first glance has me wondering, where are all the old male gray hair heads, the balding heads, or at a minimum those with receding hair lines, which in my view, would bring some believability to the characters, having clawed their way up the political ladder to the White House, that must have taken or had some affect on their traveling and toiling in the now called swamp on their appearances. And the females, what, no trending faddish streaking blond heads, if there are some, I didn’t see many. As I watched, I had to keep reminding myself, that gray hair is a no-no on television this season, no matter how practical, much like kids liking to see other kids on television, but gray haired old people do not. There’s this one scene with eight people meeting in the Oval Office, not one of them has gray hair, how is that possible, unless one of the sponsors is Clairol.

All the characters above, it’s a given, are in the domain of probabilistically, however, the germ of reality can only add some semblance of believability, and not just be a token to be taken at face value, something far more engrained is needed, which would not have arisen my doubts to this record high level, fiction for fiction sake, is just not enough for me at this point in my life of observances.  

The Meat in the Press

During the Attica Prison uprising-rebellion-riot, in 1971, there was a period when negotiation was possible to bring an end to hostilities, when a team of observers was gathered, that included, Tom Wicker, of The New York Times and James Ingram of the Michigan Chronicle, among other trusted members of the civilian population. Journalists were so included because over the years they possessed a proven record of unfailing trust, it was not unusual for some of them to be called upon as a guarantee of safe passage into police custody, ending many a hostage situation. The most trusted person in America at the time was a television journalist, an anchorman. Last Sunday on all the political chat shows that featured a panel discussion of perceived so called know it all journalist, most of them seem to be in service to a higher master other than journalistic integrity, which can easily be observed, almost to a person, a marketing master, dressed in a crop of freshly dyed hair for the occasion. Every would-be dictator soon learns that to be successful, the influence of all journalists must be diminished and if possible, belittled, once done, its hoped their fervour can be transferred to them. As events would have it, a hostage situation presented itself, like always, news personnel was called in to act in the role as auditor, what came forward was elaborately hair dyed, overly made up television personalities with full film crew in tow, looking to cashing in on the story as a means to increase ratings, instead of an unfurled plain looking television journalist with the expected aim of custody protection, not the circus of false fruit that was not predicted, nor wanted, was not even remotely anticipated, came as a shock.

In short and in conclusion, who’s to blame for this ruinous image turnaround of journalists, particularly television journalists, not some high and mighty Big Apple Madison Avenue marketing firm, it’s us, the viewer, seemly we very much prefer our journalists, chiefly, our female television journalists, to look cheap, trashy and whore like, just ask any central casting director, enough said? You betcha…

Its Time, Time Has Come Today

When it’s said that someone has hair issues, it can mean, a little hair loss to the extreme of baldness, adding a receding hair line too, all are hair issues confronting both males and females. This is what is known as the set-up, now I can proceed with the meat of this posting.

I watch a lot of news programing being a news hound, have observed a few males appearing on the air that have hair issues, conservatively, a few, of the female set, none, so where are they, oh, they’re there alright, right in front of our eyes, well hidden under synthetics. I have heard it argued, if a female appeared on air displaying a hair issue, it would up stage any words coming out of her mouth, yes, I guess it would, for a short period of time, then, if what she has to say, is interesting enough, soon, forgotten. As it is if she appeared in a synthetic, must also be true, I can name at least five females that appear on television every day in a synthetic without giving it much thought, I’m betting you can too, it’s the 800-pound gorilla in the television studio. It’s such an accepted culturally everyday happenstance that it’s easily overlooked by choice, hah-hah, by chance, coincidence, not on your life, its well planned. Female television journalist has been so glamorized with exotic hair shades, pouting red lips and synthetics that it now seems there can be no going back, but it’s the females in the industry that must do the engineering of being the driving force in broadcast excellence, no longer satisfied as that  pretty little woman, person thing, on the set, but as an engaging expert in presenting the news in a very informative way, ready, set, go…

I have this vision that a female journalist, her journalism, has nothing to do with being beautiful and easy on the eyes, time to get tough delivering hard news stories, like a few pioneering females colleagues of the past, no more of that lady home journalist stuff of antiquity, roll up your man shirts and get to reporting… 

Conclusion, before attacking the enormous issue of hair loss, start first with your age related gray hair, and if the test has been passed, then, and only then will you be ready for tackle the big issue of bald headed women practicing journalism, journalism on television…for the win…