Do Your Preferred News Program Look Like This? Or Something Else?

The image of a news anchor, during those early days of broadcast news can be painted with the conception of a Walter Cronkite or of a Howard K. Smith, that authoritative appearance was no accident of clever image marketing, it was just how men in charge looked in those days and was accepted as being true to life without them ever uttering a single word. At this point in my post, it is often asked; how did the females look? They didn’t. They didn’t even exist, where not allowed to anchor a news program. The men could appear on the air in age related gray hair; can you even picture today, a female so allowed or would even consent to appearing in age related gray hair? Eventually women could report and anchor the news on television, but they had to bring that something extra to the role that no man would ever be able to fulfill, and that is the portrayal of appearance trophyism. As anyone with eyes can clearly see, most women on a news program are dye head blonds, perhaps, most, is too strong a word, how about, a few, so much so that if one was to be portrayed in fiction, blond dye head would not be out of line in casting. Men with gray hair sides, women with long dark hair, is so stereotypical of most everyday broadcast news programing today, here is where the word most is more than just merely appropriate, it is demanded.

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