Now, About Your Program

There’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, if something is perceived as an advantage, that television news broadcasters, will dabble in me-tooism, how do I know this? just how do you think the annoying news crawl, excessive on-screen banners and hundreds of stills and clips at the mention of a name got their start, none of which is ever deployed on CBS’s Face the Nation and their top rated 60 Minutes. Its as if the identical news staffs are in charge at each program, perhaps its because of network policy, that can’t be it, because it’s not the practice network wide, it must be something else, it could be just good old fashion broadcast colloquialism put to good use at these programs and nowhere else on the network. The secret of their success, to paraphrase somewhat, viewers want to view a screen that has taste and is relished to the eye as well, with as little of an annoyance and distraction as possible.

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