To Appear Blond, or Not?

Today on CNBC’s Squawk Alley, assignment reporter, Morgan Brennan, was officially named permanent co-anchor, confirming once again, that there is no such thing as too many blond heads, peculiarly at this network, or specifically in television news, on both cable and broadcast news over the air ways.

Every year at about this time, thousands of students, will be graduating from learned institutions, some will go on to higher education while the rest will be making their way into the market place seeking full time employment. Many will be met with some form of good wholesome grooming advice, urging them to banish youthful punk appearances of holey knee jeans and facial metal stapling’s. This year, such advice has taken on an urgency like no other, where employment appearances seem to be taken directly from the look of television journalist in the guise of excessive off shade hair dyes, (females are advised to take paint chip sheets to a hair dresser), punctuated by elaborate facial make-up schemes, as practiced by both male and females. No where else can one find fewer and fewer gray hair males anchoring the news, dark seem to be the favorite hair shade, even among the political set too, and no gray among females at all, as if females are somehow immune from appearing with gray hair at any age. To secure a front office position, or one representing a firm, the lighter the hair shade, kinda guarantees employment, even among those ethnics where such hair shades are unlikely. As the nation rapidly moves toward a majority minority, there are still some that find any outward ethnic appearances unacceptable in the work place, leading to some hair straightening, oval eye and rhinoplasties operations. My above partial assessments seem only to apply to most traditional white collar inner office employments, no such assessment has yet been made or confirmed of the more vocational factory floor trades, although I’m sure there must be some there too.

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