Comey & Stephanopoulos

Unlike most Americans, I will not be watching the Comey-Stephanopoulos interview tonight, would rather wait to see which excerpts rise to the top in repetitive rotation throughout this year, those that don’t will probably not be worth viewing anyway. This highly charged interview punctuates the promise of, “breaking down the politics, smoking out the spin”, as two warring parties are hoping to snare political winning points, making of Comey the most villainous scoundrel that there ever was. You can bet that western union messages will figuratively be dispatched for all their worth, touting some perceived winning points, ignoring others, as the American people in the audience, both cheer or scorn this political principled battle of wits, of hits and misses, in this effervescent season of theatre in the open arena of public opinion.

Now, if you will kindly forgive me as I go slightly off topic, while stepping upon my soapbox, with some of my fears for tonight’s program, that there will not be any on-screen banners guiding viewers interpretation, and extremely thankful that there will not be any of those news contributors, you know the kind in streaking blond dyed hair, long false eyelashes and red greasy lips, which has rapidly becoming the standard norm of most female television journalists. And now, on and on to the interview of this very early political waterlogged season…I wish all in the know well…

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