Our Newscasts are Immersed in Hair Dyes and Wigs

Every Sunday evening, the 60 Minutes contributors and correspondents, introduce themselves in what seem like true to life appearances, is not, if suspected of bank robbery, our descriptions of them would be deeply flawed, we have been deceived with an elaborate, organized, well planned masquerade, involving hair dyes and wigs. After the opening, we, the viewers, are expected to believe every single word out of their mouths, just after having been lied to in the opening introduction, which in my humble opinion, places their credibility at an all-time low for the rest of the program. I now call for a complete investigation of their every reported story for accuracy, with the added question, as to why we were deceived at the opening after winning our confidence with the stating of their names, which begs the wondering, if they were even their real names, or just another fabrication, designed to win us over and influence our trust in reliance…From now on, I will look upon every televised newscast with suspicion, it’s becoming a certainty, that another master is being served, and it’s not journalism, it’s the buying and selling of an strategic image in marketing rating numbers, with a perceived pleasing presentation of hair dyes and heads bathed in ill-fitting periwigs.  

Forgive me, as my DVR’d, As The World Turns is starting to play…I’ll be back again next week with another edition of…. What’s the name of this show anyway? 

To Dye or Not?

“Do they or don’t they”? I’ll be exploring this statement further on in this posting.

During much of the 1980’s, the image of missing children was an unavoidable sight on the breakfast tables of Americans, pictured on the sides of milk cartons. At the time, some alleged, only the most attractive were pictured, which led one mother of a missing child to quip, ‘little hope of my child to even be searched for’, her reasoning, hers was not among the most attractive. Her thoughts may seem shallow, but somehow, is no myth, is based on honesty and some probity. You see, in this golden age of image advertising, only the attractive need apply, can be confirmed with every televised news cast, those that are not, can be made so with pounds of hair dye and make-up, streaking blonds are in, afro textured hair is not, those with afro textured hair, can be wigged. However, it must be noted that headway is being progressed, but only among the occasional female guest news contributors, not among any of the permanent on-air talent, least us not forget the infamous brown paper bag test, unspoken of, but is plainly being employed.

As promised, ‘don’t they or don’t they’? The answer is yes, yes, they do, meaning dye their hair, every politician, from The President on down, if no gray hair is visible, they do dye their hair, to cut a more, it is perceived, a more delightful image, such fakery is as plain as the nose on our face, is accepted, like it is in television advertising, is expected, after all, its all about the image in marketing.

This fall many female graduates will be entering the job market, before doing so, I urge them to take the temperature of what is trending in fads, those that do will find themselves accepted, employed, those that don’t, will still be searching for employment at this time next year.

How Odd Do You Want To Look In Your Old Age?

Fifty-nine-year-old, Neil deGrasse Tyson, says he is like a “smorgasbord of science food”, filmed a “Brief but Spectacular” segment for the PBS NewsHour, on “bringing the universe down to earth”, that aired on 05/24/2018, is a marketing phony, where ever he appears he never fails to nudge one of his books before us, most recently, “Astrophysics for People in a Hurry”, (2017), is just among the 14 titles that I was able to count. By a marketing phony, I mean to advance, whenever he appears, like so many others of his generation, a full head of hair dye is required, as if he so dared to appear without one, the sale of his books or his many television appearances will be affected, plummeting book sales, or the disintegration of television appearance invitations, no one likes to view a fifty-nine-year-old, gray haired astrophysicist, not even a talented, well-spoken and well educated one. The indelibility, inevitability, of aged gray hair is processed like some sort of infectious disease, knowing full well, there is no known cure, though one is soon expected, nevertheless, is treated like one is on its way, as if one will appear almost any day now, it’s hoped for that once in a life time, miracle cure all to no avail, as it has come about, the reappearing ocean tides, will surely return, treated with ammonia or an oxidizing agent or not, hair today, gray hair tomorrow…better get used to it…learn to be that fashionable change authority pioneer…if you have the nerve…

Resemble Me

Comedian, Desi Lydic, of The Daily Show, on The Daily Show, did a piece on robotics manufactured in human form, added to the mix, virtual assistant intelligence, designed for amorous stimulated impassioned affairs of both mind and body; are we there yet? Companies like Abyss Creations, LLC, manufactures of RealDoll think so… So, what do you want for xmas? The end of humanism is at hand, or at the very least, not that far off, remember, “coffee tea or me”? a kinda robotic request, that to this day remains unanswered. The line is being crossed more and more every day, the line is being blurred to the point of no return, that thing that took your ticket at the theatre, was that a real person or something else, perhaps a robotic, in human form, the dispensing of your hot and cold beverages is being served up by a robotic for 25 cents, just not in human form, they are here to stay and everywhere, who can tell anymore? This piece was not written by me but by my alter-ego, that may need some industrial maintenance oil, can you tell?

“Don’t want to be a bum

You better chew gum

The pump don’t work

‘Cause the vandals took the handles”

Songwriter: Bob Dylan

Some still not wanted, unless

Today’s female television journalist must know at one time they were not wanted, not even in the back office, pulling or writing copy in the news room for the male on-air anchors. Who can forget Harry Reasoner, kicking and screaming not to be pared in a co-anchoring slot with Barbara Walters, because she was female, though he would later deny it. A female hoping to excel or surpass any male on air as a television journalist, has learned to deliver an appearance no male, at least not yet, can match, that includes, long streaking blond hair, smoked eyed make-up with false eyelashes, not to forget the pouting greasy red lips. The Sunday morning political chat shows first allowed one woman, then two, now one can find a whole line of them, creating a rainbow of hair shades, each trying to out female the other, that cater to, its believed, mostly male viewers, of such political issue-oriented discussions of current events, no longer plagued with so called women’s issues like home and children, todays woman begs to become just as informed as any male, even more so, since she has got to prove her mettle against every male, every waking hour of the day as an journalist of the highest order, in print, on television even in unseen radio.

I’m going to conclude this post with shoes, heels, to be precise, when possible, if the televison set desk will allow, you will see all the women are in heels, heels to sit at a desk, its all part and parcel of the female costume that allowed them to appear on television as a journalist in the first place, and not appear out of place. These televison handlers are not beyond dressing female televison journalist in wigs just for the effect of some perceived vision of ______fill in the blank, not to mention, rosy cheeks on those that it wouldn’t even be possible, naturally…

First Chicken, Then Egg?

I guess just like some age groups, some hear Yanny or Laurel, I can’t understand some of the lyrics being sung at the 2018 Billboard Music Award telecast, it’s my wonder if any of these song lyrics were tested in advance for English comprehension or even coherence, enunciation, in so many takes that it would take for them to be perfect, hate to sound like an old fuddy-duddy, but, in my day, a microphone and a baby spot, was all that was required to put forward a song, today, its all about the visual, even if, what is heard, cannot possibly be understood, in this age of elaborate hair extensions, dyes and costumes, there is nothing wrong with any of the above, only we have to admit that its all about the theatrics and not so much the music anymore. Let’s ask the question, which comes first the music or the video? Or is it both at the same time, exploring one vision, is that practical? Are we judging the start of Billboards Visual Awards? Or, Billboards Music and Visual Awards? There was a time when the video was an extension in explanation, or illustration of a song, now, it can be completely divorced from it, a standalone entity. (Somebody cue the background dancers). Welcome to American Bollywood. I don’t reckon The Beatles would be able to excel in this climate, all they did was stand and sing with such clarity, though the lyrics were simple enough, still no on-screen metro lyric display on a device would ever be necessary for the message to be delivered to both heart and mind.

A Wedding by Television

I wanted to somehow whitness The Royal Wedding, via television, didn’t want to stay up or wake up early to do so, though my DVR is cloud based, it does have limited storage; what to do? I had the pick of two networks in my mind that I thought would deliver the goods for me, which can be a hard choice, since for me its all about the screen, a clean screen. I figured since MSNBC recently abandoned the news crawl, they would be a reasonable choice, I was deeply wrong, like most of their day time broadcast, it was loaded with more on-screen baloney to the point of an annoyance. For this post I took to paper to list some of the crap, in complaint, the list got so long, I soon ended that chore, and will just write that it would have taken up too much space and time to do so. My other choice was PBS, that seemed to have cut a deal with the BBC, were the only distraction, was the faded, dimmed, ‘Thirteen’ logo in the corner of the screen, compared to MSNBC was quite acceptable. This presentation had an extra added attraction, the much appreciated, BBC descriptive English, that was spoken with care. In conclusion, this blogger finds it hard to determine which network, ‘takes the cake’ in screen clutter, MSNBC or CNN, both are guilty in the extreme…