The Chicken Suit

On 07/12/2018, an untold number of Americans watched about 15 hours of live or taped segments of the House Judiciary and Oversight Committee hearings, who’s members, fifty or sixty or older in years, and the broadcast journalists covering those proceedings, appeared in excessive amount of hair dye, some tinted blond, or in wigs, all seeking credibility, while appearing in what I liken to, the ‘chicken suit.’

We are electing more leaders that employ hair dye, watch televison journalists in fake hair…hence, the descriptive term, ‘chicken suit’. Politicians prepare their appearance as an aid to be elected, television journalists prepare themselves as an aid to be watched…all in some sort of, ‘chicken suit’. Americans love to central cast both politicians and journalists, with merit, playing only a slight pivotal amount of importance. In conclusion, to be elected, watched on televison, look the perceived part, that can be a very hard given for some, a ‘must’, for others…can be achieved minimally in employment of some sort of… wait for it, a ‘chicken suit’.

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