Of Google

The purpose of this posting is not presented in defense of Google, but only to offer my take on what a search engine is supposed to do, and that is to offer a desired search result, for example, if one is searching for the image of a car, one does not expect to find an image of an elephant as a representation. Digging a little further, I do a lot of posting on a lot of sites, am often amazed by which ones rise to the top in repetition and those that “die on the vine”, “sorta speak”, never to see the light of day again. I wish I could predict which of my opinions are popular and which are not, if I could only foretell, I would be a millionaire, I think. One last point of view, I would never use Google in search of political opinion or trends, the subject is just too amorphous, will never hold its shape over any extended amount of time, events will certainly alter that search, those that do, do so at their own peril, will never be satisfied with the found results, will most often point an accusatory finger at Google as being bias without any provable proof, when what has clearly happened, events has altered everyone’s point of view…a hot subject has suddenly turned cold with little or no interest for anyone that was once so concerned about it.

In Journalism, We Do Trust, Or Can We?

First up…this truism…Televised journalism has merged into a budding branch of ‘show business’…
Recently, this blogger inaugurated a new descriptive term with the hope of it fast becoming commonplace, but first let me express the following: I cannot imagine a reason as to why any television journalist would want to ever appear on televison in dyed hair or wig, unless they are trying to hide something, like age, can you? among the journalists that I know and love, truth has always been their ‘stock-in-trade’, to alter their appearance, even slightly, to satisfy some marketing trend, would be in violation, and a betrayal and a big fat lie.
Last week, on one show, the A-block of Morning Joe consisted of the following; Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, Willie Geist, Katty Kay, Michael S. Schmidt, Sam Stein and Michael Steel, whom Wikipedia bills as a ‘conservative political commentator’, kinda removes him, somewhat, from being called a ‘journalist’, in the strict sense of the word. Anyhow, my point is this, with the exception of Mr. Steel, all the above appeared in a fresh coat of dyed hair, many have been doing so for years, and still would like to be referred to as ‘journalists’, I argue that since they dye their hair, like any performing singer or actor, they should simply be referred to as ‘broadcast news entertainers’… Not to isolate this group from so many others, CBS This Morning represent one the biggest violators of that sacred trust in the industry, and just like, Morning Joe, they do so every week day morning of the week…without any fear of it being called out even though it’s as plain as the noses on their faces, fake or otherwise…

Not To My Taste, Anymore

I was once an avid fan of the program and the ladies of The View, today, I was reminded why I’m not anymore, before going any further, let me state why I tuned to this program today in the first place, I wanted to hear their take on and if they can see any future for Kevin Hart hosting future award shows, that having been satisfied. Now, why I’m no longer a fan, I find it an insult to my personal taste in how women are depicted and look in regard to their public appearances on this program. Before posting this blog, I did a little research of other like shows supposedly geared toward women interested in gossip, hot topics, current events, and such, what I found was, all my research confirmed, all the women appeared everywhere I looked, they all are liken to these ladies, overly made up, to the point of some even in wigs, even more so then some of the women that appear on some of my favorite go to pornography sites, was enough to drive me away from such over the air broadcast programing that feature women in ‘clown face’, like the women on The View, along with their greasy lips and all.

Tunnel to Tunnel

So, if you will pardon the expression, “what’s up” with the so-called critical Hudson river Tunnel repairs? Now, we’ve learned that the World Trade Center’s, PATH station will close for a whopping 45 weekends for repairs, suffering from the same ills as the Hudson river Tunnel, salt water erosion, invasion after a storm. My prediction, a massive, expensive, half-ass repair job, will be forced upon us, that will only last until the next hurricane, much like a superstorm ‘Sandy’ in 2012, or a ‘Harvey’ and ‘Maria’, both in 2017. Those that should be in the know, at least by now, with events like, Global Warming and or Climate Change, such repairs are only short-term folly, what’s urgently needed, are long term planning, into the next century, if need be, that would be cheaper by far in the long run, are brand new tunnels father inland. Now, please call me stupid or short sighted, if you want to, if only you can.

“Warts And All”

Today, the mostly hair dyed cast of Morning Joe, predicted at least 30 democrats will be vying for the Presidential nomination for a 2020 run. I predict that only those that are comfortable in their unadorned skin will be successful doing so, without the masking aid of hair dye or a face lift, as for the remainder of the pack, will be doing everything they can not to appear openly resentful of their aging appearance, after doing everything humanly possible to cut a more youthful manifestation, and still find themselves having been casted as the aging grandmother and not the youthful looking daughter, future political candidates and newsroom moms, take note, there are just some reversals that hair dye cannot accomplish, in short, be your real life self, warts and all, if any…

These Network Salad Days?

Jack Weinberg, best known from the 1960’s ‘Free Speech Movement’, in an now famous off the cuff remark is reported to have said, “Don’t trust anyone over thirty”, which as it turns out, was not to be taken literally, is not what he meant, is for a deep discussion at another time, nevertheless, the remark fails to invision a time when he too will be over thirty, and may then want to be trusted.

In conversation with some of my fellow bloggers, as a news hound, they found it odd that I seldom watch the CNN televison news network, that is considered by most in the know, the prima donna among the all the cable news networks, the go to for instant up to the minute breaking news, my confession led me to admit that I find their screen just a bit to busy for my taste, preferring a cleaner screen, without too much screen clutter and no active news crawl. Anyway, a compelling news story escorted me to CNN the other day, which then I had to confront a nagging question, how did Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer, managed after all these years to excape the strong arm will of marketing managers, by not insisting and winning the war against them, for not to dye their hair, like all the other network and local leaders in their field, that, I’m sure will forever be the question of merit of every marketing course taught in advertising prone schools now and forever. And how not to appear too strong armed by the persistent adjusting of the shade on Jim Cramer’s goatee and Judge Andrew Napolitano’s full frequent hair dyes. Does anyone seriously watch a televised news program because of, or the lack of, hair dye on the heads of the hired employed on camera to be news readers? marketing managers seem to think you do, which is why they seem to pour so much hope and effort into the phenomenon of hair dying, not to mention, greasy red lips on female news anchors and reporters. I have recently cut back on the news programs that I once loved to watch, not anymore, have grown tired of their reporters and anchors seemingly ignoring even the minimum amount of aging, by employing as much hair dye that they do, to disguise that these news readers and anchors are getting long on the tooth, which has become a distraction for me with every, ‘look see’… CNBC, in celebration of long time anchor, David Faber’s twenty-five-years with the network, clumsily played a few clips of his first on-air days, was as if he never aged a day, and in the eyes of his network hair dressers, he didn’t…

Never Heard Of It?

About once a month, a company Vice President, would invite various sections to lunch, always on the company’s dime, to the same restaurant, culminating at the same group of tables waited on by certain waitresses, who always seemed to be wearing the most close-fitting blouses, who would lean excessively, to the extreme, over to extend their upper bodies over the tables, to pick-up or lay anything down. It was not too long by all who witnessed this movement, that what was happening was, ‘waitress prostitution’, seeking the highest of a ‘gratuity reward’ for this upper body display. No one knows for sure if the owners were receiving a cut. An astute media watching colleague of mine has recently compared it to what can clearly be seen on almost every broadcast news program, whenever the overly blond bomb shell types are employed to read the news, or engage in a panel discussion, or even the ‘over the hill’, past their prime, broadcast male veterans, with dark dyed youth hair, seeking pennies on the dollar, one last time before their on air careers, come to a loud streaking holt. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, for the very first and last time, ‘broadcast news prostitution’…