Live to Reason Another Day

I invite anyone with a mind to do a little cursory research on the inaugural addresses of most Presidents of the U.S., will find them mostly filled the goodness of America, with great hope for the future, except the for the 45th President’s which has been described as the darkest in history. A little more digging will also find a governing style just as dark and foreboding, fear of Mexican rapist, illegal immigrants, all shades of terrorist, international job stealers, monetary debasers from every country, the transgender, Obamacare, welfare cheaters, mainstream free press media, election frauds, plus hundreds of sub-sets or supersets, if you will, for each of the above too numerous to list here. Also, the outside/inside avoidance of Russian U.S. election tampering as non-existing in-spite of overwhelming speculation, boarding on ever so slightly, the appearance of impropriety. Did anyone recently hear this American President publicly thank the Russians for the explosion of over seven-hundred and fifty U.S. diplomats from Russia, as a cost saving payroll measure, who will still be paid whether at home or abroad, oh yes you did? Nothing in history could be stranger, except if one had seen an elephant flying jumping over the moon.
Describing past Presidential negotiations with North Korea as appeasers, well just a little, I say well done in avoidance of an all-out global nuclear exchange noting that the world is still here, intact, that was then, this is now, not a certainty after the 45th President has had his turn at antagonizing a newly created nuclear power in ‘I dare you’ in boasting speech and display not the best way to win international influence’s and friends.
Finally, this Presidents hyperbole statement of not a conventional 1990’s style shooting war but a ‘fire and fury’ cease and desist threat or war in this nuclear age, a warning toward North Korea, seemly without regard to any retaliation that might occur is both suicidal and reckless as a leader of a nation, few would care if it was his life, only his life in peril, what an interesting movie that would make, but please Mr. President, include us out…

A Brand New Orleans

I got some ocean front property in Arizona
From my front porch you can see the sea
I got some ocean front property in Arizona
If you’ll buy that I’ll throw the golden gate in free… As recorded by George Strait, song writers, Dean Dillion, Hank Cochran and Royce Porter…
All over the world lowlands, like, wetlands, marshes, sumps, quagmires or whatever such lowlands are called in your area, every four to five years will experience some form of flooding either a little or a lot, there will be found a few hardy souls having been born there or currently living there, will rebuild after flooding year after year after year, sometimes at government tax expense.
Don’t wanna be a bum

You better chew gum

The pump don’t work

’Cause the vandals took the handles
Excerpted from Subterranean Homesick Blues by Bob Dylan

Unlike during Hurricane Katrina, the problem over the weekend wasn’t the 133 miles of levees and flood walls that protect New Orleans from the tidal surges of the Gulf of Mexico or Lake Pontchartrain, which hangs over the northern and eastern edge of the city. Instead, parts of New Orleans were underwater because the city’s hundreds of miles of drains and pumps couldn’t bail rainwater fast enough. Tim Craig, Washington Post

Nobody in their right mind would build a city in the bottom of a cereal bowl, unless they enjoy being flooded year-round, and after being flooded a few times continue to live there. The Mayor of New Orleans looked to dismiss the water board communications director and others because some of the water pumps failed, when it’s the location of the city that should have been dismissed years ago… but where would the tourist go to hear authentic New Orleans Jazz? Well there will always be recording…

War, Nobody’s Best Friend

The endgame of war has changed since WWtwo, an out an out win is impossible. The wars not won began with the Korean War, The Viet-Nam War, Iraq and Afghanistan, the last two war names have yet to be confirmed in history, nevertheless have not been won is in doubt if they will ever be won if a win can, ‘as continued’ be defined as in a WWone or two win no matter how much swagger is displayed. The jury is still out on the outcome of Syria, other low-level wars currently raging under the radar will be mentioned in a future post.

The City Father’s Gamble

About twenty or so years ago in small towns across America, there was a thriving business community operated by moms and pops, drug, shoe and general stores, soda pop shops, clothing stores, dental, doctors’ offices and specialty shops, depending on the community, the big attraction included the area only movie theater, pulling double duty sometime as a community meeting house, for school plays, or whatever was needed for a sit down gathering of events. Then one day the city fathers gambled on what was thought of as good for the employment of its citizens, contracted an empty non-tax generating field just outside of town to a large big city type enterprise offering a big tax abatement to build a large all-purpose store. A visit to those down town areas today, what one will find is a boarded-up ghost town, none of those mom and pop business of yesterday could ever hope to compete on the ground then with the large bulk buying power of those big city everyday low prices conglomerates, the area of the large all you can eat, one stop shop malls had been launched. To make a long story short, that’s not the end of the story, all those mom and pop enterprises, those with an eye for the future, simply moved their operations on-line renting space from some large cloud enterprises, started to and continued to thrive putting more than just a few nails into the coffins of those large malls that once did them in with a deadlier pay back then what was inflected upon them, with free shipping included. Down town is still a ghost town, but there has recently been added some large mom and pop occupied stately houses just outside of town… Now go figure…

Diana Frances Spencer

This week over a two-night period you will be invited once again to empty your over filed soon to be inflamed tear ducts all over again over the all too short life of the much loved and deeply missed Princess of Wales.
Yes, here we go again, with a story that we seem never to tire of it being told to us, each time with a slightly different spin, with the same resulting sad story book ending. An ABC television special titled, The Story of Diana, which brings up my ‘what if’ file. What if Prince Charles was allowed to marry the women he loved and by extension, what if Edward Albert Christian Andrew Patrick David was allowed to marry the women he loved. This Wednesday’s television special would not be necessary and the English monarchy would have an altogether different look and feel than it does today, a look and feel perhaps not envisioned by some royal traditionalist, since the Duchess of Windsor, an American socialite stole the heart of King Edward VIII. So, forgive me as I continue to wonder in the wonderful land of ‘what if’ and oh what a wonderment to wonder and wallow in.

Brand New Again

Nobody knows better than the CBS Television Network, my favorite, their sparely display of banners, the expense of producing and running a network broadcast piece, and how to stretch that value twice over. Normally a network piece is broadcast once on the network then offered to the affiliates to run as a need be time filler or feature. Lately this network has boldly shown the same report twice on its network with a newly written lead and closing. No word yet if residuals are being negotiated among the producers and corresponding reporters.

I Ain’t Feeling Anything

Lucia Mutikani of Reuters has reported, “Although the economy is near full employment, wage growth has not been strong in part because many of the jobs being created are in low-wage industries. Last month, restaurants and bars added 53,100 jobs.” I would like to add, stock market earning is indeed growing through the roof, increasing the bottom line of most business investors, it’s the working John and Jane at the bottom of the earning totem-pole that are not feeling it, worker layoffs can and often increase the earnings of most business along with wage stagnation… Feeling it yet?