Your Daddies Newscast

I’ve grown increasingly annoyed, by all the useless on-screen banners that populate every newscast, no matter the network, they all are alumni of the same broadcast finishing school, graduates of the course ‘screen clutter’. If the anchor says it, you can bet you’ll be reading it soon at the bottom of your screen, just you wait. ‘Breaking News’, must every story be ‘breaking news’, which because of its overuse has long lost its bite and urgentcy. How about just reporting the news, every story is breaking news to someone, no matter how old the story. The best way to keep viewers interested in your network, is not to bore or annoy them by being tedious. This from a long-suffering news hound…please take heed. 

One more thing, kindly arrange to remove the ‘live’ label from an obvious taped segment, it makes you look like a dunce…but that seems so normal…don’t you think? And what every news network needs is more female blond dye heads and more old guys without any gray hair, you can tell, I’m kidding, right? I’m not… am deeply serious…so kindly cut the crap…

Strive for a nice uncluttered clean screen, so that what’s important can get through, be seen and remembered…  

Don’t Answer That

“Prime Minister’s Questions (often abbreviated to PMQs and officially known as Questions to the Prime Minister) is a constitutional convention in the United Kingdom, currently held as a single session every Wednesday at noon when the House of Commons is sitting, during which the Prime Minister spends around half an hour answering questions from Members of Parliament (MPs)”. Excerpted from Wikipedia.

I often watch PMQ on C-SPAN in the U.S., thinking there ought to be something like it in America, oh, wait, there is, it’s called, the Presidential News Conference, unfortunately, this President has only held one since his election, leaving the national press reduced to shouting questions when ever possible. This President is fond of the rather one-sided mob rally, delivering his point of view, no questions asked. When ever he seem to lose himself during one of these shouting matches, a unbiased question is somehow allowed to get thru, before answering, who’re you with? more often then not, refusing to answer after finding out, labeling even the question as ‘fake news’.

That Mother to Daughter Talk

A mother to mother talk with daughters of engagement age, the best thing you can do for your daughter is to help them land a doctor to marry. And if you do, your daughters life, and by extension yours, will be set for life. The opioids crisis has shown, by doctor prescribed opioids, a comfortable living can be had, getting paid by the drug companies for prescribing and the pharmacy to where patients are sent to have subscriptions filled. There is another avenue to riches, treating patients with medical insurance, that does not involve drug addiction, but with repeated office visits and treatments, of known or unknown illness’s that can milk both patients and medical insurance companies for years. So why is it that in America medical treatment is so expensive, is it because medical professionals are paid by head count not the successful outcome, if they did, they would soon lose their patients either by death or that their services are no longer required, as patients are soon cured. Not to single out the male of the species, females of the profession, are as much of a prize catch as any male, a large house and income to match is extremely hard to resist by any gender…

Oh My Gosh, By Golly

The word ‘socialist’ is being demonized as a dirty misunderstood term when applied to politics in America, recently it was a winning designation for a primary congressional candidate in New York’s 14th Congressional District. 

The passengers of a luxury ocean liner became marooned on a deserted island, they immediately segregated themselves according to class as it was aboard ship and on land, the wealthy had their servants to tend to them in one group, did little or nothing to maintain themselves, leaving their wellbeing to paid servants with promises of now useless paper money. The lower classes and ship crew in another. Luckily, among them were some sailor’s that were raised in a socialist country, were the term, ‘socialism’ simply meant, the management of shared resources. The island limited resources was organized to one cup of coconut water per person every five hours, the maintenance labor of a rescue fire was evenly distributed. Without going into deep detail, the wealthy group with tending servants, did not fair too well, they brought their capitalist privileged ways with them, which on a primitive island, with limited resources can lead to doom, and for them it did.  

Government Approved Internment of Children, Not New

American government approved internment of children has been done before, I write not of the internment of American citizens of Japanese heritage during WWII, but of children imprisoned after the so called ‘Indian Wars’ of the 17th century, of indigenous people’s children, as part of forced Indian Removal Acts of the 1830’s, some were taken away to educate them, to make them civilize, their hair was cut, prohibited from speaking  their native tongues, the cultural damage to this day, centuries later can still be observed with devastating effect. To be civilized meant giving up tribal cultural fraternity, even religion, relocating to a reservation on a quick road to assimilation into sophisticated refinement ways. The history of children in the United States by government, being taken is too large to be dealt with effectively here in this short post, I strongly suggest some research on your own, and let it include the children of slaves, sold away from loving parents for profit, too.

Stop Flooding the Drought

A huge ocean liner, if it wants to dock at a pier, must prepare to do so several nautical miles at sea, even before land comes into view, by stop feeding the engines, then gently reversing them, that will eventually permit it to finally engage in a full stop.

“Sentinel species are organisms, often animals, used to detect risks to humans by providing advance warning of a danger. The terms primarily apply in the context of environmental hazards rather than those from other sources”. Excerpted from Wikipedia.

The canary in our time is weather, as we experience more intense flooding and long-term drought. The first to endure such hardships, are the manufacturing industries, the cost of doing business will start to rise, it will cost more to properly dispose of product waste for example, affecting worker wages. The culprit in most cases will fall on the shoulders of the environmentalist with their warnings of slow doom and gloom, being discredited at every turn, even demonized, as no friend of and to industrial growth. The canary keeps chirping its warnings, urging the turning of the mother ship earth, as more flooding and drought is ignored, figuratively, several nautical miles out at sea.

Paper or plastic? Paper…

Promoting the Southern Wall

If one is in this country illegally, the very least thing one would do is call attention to oneself, a life living in the shadows is accepted as the price that must be paid, a necessary sacrifice for life and liberty. Promoters of the building of the southern border wall will have us believe, if built, it would keep out drug dealers, reduce the drug addicted, when as an investigative 60 Minutes report confirmed, the real drug dealers are the local doctors and pharmacy. As for crime, I envision someone getting a copy of the police blotter, containing a list of the hundreds of offences committed on any given day, highlighting certain gruesome crimes for details on the arrested suspects, if found to be an illegal, that will be the lead description reported on the news. My conclusion, the building of ‘the wall’ will have zero affect on the quality of life for the average citizen and would be a total waste of time and moolah.

Now on to congress for real comprehensive immigration reform, where every penny spent will be well worth the expense.