Want a better face?

Powder puff journalist: is a female television broadcast news journalist that spends more time in a make-up chair then on the air.


Entangle this for me, a well-known male celebrity, known to be balding or bald appears in a commercial as himself in a full toupee. The product marketing manager is convinced, a bald headed man cannot sell this product even one known to be bald must appear with a full head of hair. The public will never accept a product indorsement from a bald headed man nor would it seem news from an unadorned female, hence, the birth of the powder puff journalist…

Gloomy Truths

When walking down the street coming upon an elderly person your memory banks displays an image of an elderly person and that is that, however, if the image of this elderly person is distorted, meaning the skin, posture and hair color does not match what has been stored, the image before you appears ‘odd’. Acquaintance will only marvel at how well this person looks and choose not to see the oddity. Even when this person looks into a looking glass sees only what they want to see, not the oddity. A person over fifty has the posture, skin of the elderly, dyed hair brings on the oddity as if a tween had gray hair hence the ‘oddity’ of appearance. Few elderly no matter how much cosmetic surgery and hair dye can avoid appearing as and ‘oddity’, look around you can tell who they are…are you one too?

The Theatrical Newsroom

During the upcoming graduation season over a hundred eager women will be hoping to enter the broadcast news industry as ‘on air talent’, here are just a few things they will have to look forward to in no unceremonious order. At the bottom of the totem pole will be their educational qualifications, how they appear on paper which will get them into the door, nothing more. There are a lot of other steps as they move up to the top to consider I see no urgent need to list them here it can be figured out later much of it for them yourselves. So at the top of the pole is appearance. Are you willing to lighten the color of your hair, or wear a straight haired wig if asked to? Are you averse to applying an adhesive to your eyelids? Do you mind fetching coffee? Since you will be starting in a small media market and have to apply your own make-up are you well-schooled in the sluttish look? Practice the greasy lip look in your social life to see how much attention it can generate without offending.  Tight fitting clothing will be a must, along with long hours and most weekends. When delivering a stand up piece in the studio wear high hills. Upper and lower flawless teeth (not required by some males) a plus. Those well-endowed upper body types need not apply.

Who is responsible for this theatrical encroachment into the once all male conservative establishment, not who, but what? Color television, as the males started to puff up with loud colored ties and sport jackets. In brief, what other embodiment to this soup was needed to bring the newsroom up to equal rights standards, women. Women in full blown theatrical make-up and more puff then most men are allowed to display on television. What is puzzling to me is that some women taking a close look at the current broadcast news scene, see women displayed as fancy, posh, flamboyant, samples of a serious male journalist, put up with it and for less money too…Well the answer may be, ‘one does what one has to, to enter and then survive’…

Revisting Morning Joe…

A few years ago I wrote a post on the male to female ratio of panelist/contributors on the Morning Joe television show, what prompted the post, one show had nineteen males no females.  For weeks whenever the occasion called for the mention of the show I referred to it as Morning Male. In recent months the show has managed to include at the very least one female in most segments, however, the male to female ratio is still grossly out of whack. The show has taken steps to improve its female numbers, the last moments of some shows one can find an all-female, check that most, female panelist…progress?