The 14th Is Not In Any Danger

This American President wants to discard parts of the Constitution by executive order because it does not suit his current political aspirations, why not just scrap the entire document, its out lived its usefulness, throw it out as just so much rubbish to be placed on top of the scrapheap of historical chronicles where other outdated legendary charters like the Magna Carta Libertatum of 1215 went to die, only to be reinvented many times over several centuries, later finding a permanent home, embedded in such legal principles that can now be found in the likes of British and American law, I give you, habeas corpus, guaranteed by the 13th and 14th amendments to said Constitution, so sayeth the king…

Dyeing to Die

Ever attend a business convention, every delegate being interviewed about a serious subject is wearing a silly hat? Only it’s a hat of dyed hair…Oh, wait, more like watching a televised network newscast…
We are privileged to find ourselves living in this new age of enlightenment, thanks in great part to the internet, where information falls into our laps much like rain on a rain stormie day, and with that enlightenment comes, I’m afraid, being hard wired to instantly, for whatever reason, to ignore much new information, be it for better or worse, the excuse often heard, too much information.
What follows is a partial list of toxic chemicals that may be found in your current hair dye product that may be harmful to a fertilized human egg, by way of seepage through the naked porous skin, into the blood stream, and a list of some 22 hair dye chemicals banned by the European Commission, many for the same above reasons.

6-Methoxy-2,3-Pyridinediamine and its HCl salt
4,5-Diamino-1-Methylpyrazole and its HCl salt
4,5-Diamino-1-((4-Chlorophenyl)Methyl)-1H-Pyrazole Sulfate
4-Methoxytoluene-2,5-Diamine and its HCl salt
5-Amino-4-Fluoro-2-Methylphenol Sulfate
N,N-Dimethyl-2,6-Pyridinediamine and its HCl salt
N-(2-Methoxyethyl)-p-phenylenediamine and its HCl salt
2,4-Diamino-5-methylphenetol and its HCl salt
3,4-Diaminobenzoic acid
2-Aminomethyl-p-aminophenol and its HCl salt
Solvent Red 1 (CI 12150)
Acid Orange 24 (CI 20170)
Acid Red 73 (CI 27290)
If any of the above toxic chemicals can be found in your current hair dye product, that you are urged to apply at home as a cheap means of convenience using gloves, and yet you apply to your naked scalp without taking any further precautions, must know that some of the above chemicals are or have been seeping into your brain, be interacting with other considered harmless chemicals that can become quite toxic mixed together, causing unknown illnesses yet undiagnosed, in the opinion of this blogger, is a very high price to pay for human vanity, and pay on the side of ignoring caution even after having been so warned, a little like, ‘let the buyer be aware’, or ‘use or ignore at your own risk’.

Presidential Patrimony

Few remember that one of the meanings of the ‘daily constitutional’, was a brisk morning walk around the block, or one after dinner as an aid to digestion, seemingly made popular by President Harry S. Truman, thanks Harry. Who could inspire young men and women, even some citizens not so young, to devote up to two years of their lives, promoting social and economic development in depressed areas around the world, living under the local economy, often eating and sleeping in thatched huts along with native families, but another American President, John F. Kennedy. Which brings this blogger to the current holder of that same before mentioned office, who has given us chiefly as part of his legacy, heads across genders, fake dyed blond hair everywhere, and when blond would be too clownish for some, dark dyed hair of elderly news broadcasters will fad just as nicely, along with a dozen or so government contrived half-baked programs cooked up for personal financial gain, to benefit those among both his family and friends, risking the personal expenditure of average five and dime Americans with the ripe invasion into their pocketbooks, ‘by way of’ generous tax cuts for the wealthy, financed by the elimination of Obamacare era pre-existing conditioned healthcare programs, by offering a cheaper, thinner, pre-existing healthcare program, that are not really a fully funded pre-existing program, on the road to the chipping away of such programs to be fully done away with by 2020, currently financed by giant healthcare companies, if not expensed is both an earning and saving for them, “and the beat goes on”.

Yeah, Right

That inviting picture of the latest fast food sandwich was not taken in one of its restaurants, but in a photo-studio using a lot of aerosol sprayed paint on plastic and rubber. In the New York governors and New Jersey senators’ debates, one each of those candidates appeared in recently dyed hair, that did stink of high bona-fide pride, washed in phoneyness that could be smelled in the air from across the rivers, much like those fast food sandwiches. If those co-ed news readers on television, perceive some marketing advantage in their dyed hair, another high stink would surely be in the offering. Another whiff on the road to offend the nostrils, are all those, I mean, 100% of female political candidates currently running for public office, perceiving an advantage in dyeing their hair, who can tell what is real and what is fake, it’s a given, if its in the market place its more fake than real. In this the Trump era, such fakery is no longer offensive to the naked eye, since a majority of the voters entering the booths to vote in the mid-terms will be doing so with a head full of hair dye too, the odd ball would be that naturally gray-haired person that dared not to take part, and save some money to boot, in this world-wide faddish trend. The next kingish faddish trend that can clearly be seen over the horizon, the return of the white powdered wig, but only for the rich, the daily maintance for this fad would be a killer…but vanity, as so many of you well know, has no boundaries…” yeah, right on brother” …

Hey, You Now

In 1947 the SS Exodus was a ship that carried 4,500 immigrants from France, displaced persons, living under the most horrid conditions, many holocaust survivors, seeking refuge certificates to a free state, with a second thought in mind, if all else failed, if only a landing could be made at those America shores, all would then be well and good. A rumor had been passed around that the Statue of Liberty had been taken down as a sign to new comers, the American lure no longer exist, don’t even try to go there, the promise of it, if you can get there, they have to let you in, it’s the American thing to do, that has been the promise of that nation for refugees, built on the backs of refugees, for refugees from all over and around the world, there has never been another place like it, anyone can become an American, known throughout all humanity. In the harbor of one of its free states stands a robed woman holding a torch lighting the way for all the downtrodden seeking liberty as the gate way to a new and safe way of life just like so many others before, blood relative of those currently living there. Without this symbolism of American culture, the words inscribed at its base would ring meaningless for the ages, begging for the world’s tired, the poor, those huddled masses yearning to breathe free, you homeless come onto me and be free, entering through this American golden door, providing the next American generation of free loving of pure humanity living this sacrosanct American spirit, until called upon to defend these shores making it safe for the next wave of newcomers, much like the fathers and mothers of the recent past and be an immigrant no more, be a permanent family member from now on, standing close by as part of the new welcoming committee to the next generation of the new Americans, throwing selfishness out onto the trash heap of communism, fascism and other known and unknown dictatorships currently unborn.


When I was a kid, every Easter my father would purchase for my brothers and I, a suit of dress clothes, for semi-formal occasions, one year, we all got three-piece suits that included a waist coat, or a vest as it is called in America. Little did I know back then that the last button on the vest was left open or undone, the custom having dated back to Edward VII, whose abdomen had grown so large that it could not be comfortably buttoned, soon it was noticed, then became all the rage and fashionable. In the 1934 screwball romantic comedy, It Happened One Night, starring Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert, a scene called for Mr. Gable to remove his shirt, it was noticed he was not wearing an undershirt, plunging undershirt sales to fall. I mentioned the above’s to show just how someone consistently in view can influence style of sort among us common folk. The purchase of a book would sometime include a head shot of the author on the back-dust cover, that was before ‘the book tour’ as we know it today, which sparked authors to start dying their hair to sell a book that they do not appear in, what gives? And more to the point, who cares, a book is after all a collection of words, not real images, images of the mind painted by the author, that may or not include the author, but with many televised appearances, that now beget all this hair dyeing. Leading to the news being read to us by ‘boys and girls news teams’ on television too. About those television commercials for skin care products, you must know that those models, to begin with have been chosen because they have blemish free skin, add some facial make-up and, voila, the perfect illustration to selling a product on televison in a smartly produced commercial. Now for what I call the kill lines, in this age of Trump, there seem to be more people, unashamedly, appearing in public with fake dyed hair and burnt orange dyed skin, as a result of it being on display every day, unconsciously being copied as some kind of new normality look, that just can’t be helped or avoided.

Some Progress, But Not Enough

Recently I disclosed that there are several well-known female journalists that appear on television every day that are baldheaded but wigged, no crime or shame in that, but being journalists, it must be considered and that it can be interpreted as such because they are journalists, it’s the coverup bathed in deceit, that’s the transgression, understood as both crime and shame. My cursory research shows that the real reason for the cover up, the sight of baldheaded women some would find offensive, just as over the years, Afrocentric hair exposed on women’s heads was, one must remember a New York reporter was discouraged from covering a White House wedding unless a hair covering, or wig was worn. Some progress has been made on that front, Afrocentric female hair can now be seen in televison commercials, news panels and on the heads of some reporters, but the televison network news anchor chair has yet to be cracked wide open and exposed as being ok and very natural. Can anyone remember the television series East Side/West Side, (1963-64) with George C. Scott, if you do then you must also remember the secretary character Jane Foster, played by Cicely Tyson in what was then called an Afro, soon disappeared, although not publicly stated, it was the sight of the female in that Afro that did both the character and the show in and to meet its doom, it’s my contention, if the character was wigged her fate would have had a much longer stay. Also, according to Wikipedia, many advertisers avoided sponsorship and a number of stations across the country refused to air it, without sponsorships and broadcasting stations, no television program can long exist.