Hard To Believe

China is ending its one-child policy, spinning, it’s because of the aging population, not having enough young workers to replace them, that may be partly true, but I think otherwise. When the one-child policy in the 1970’ was introduced few understood just what the long term effects of gender engineering would entail. That in Chinese society males are more valued then females, if given a choice more males would be born then females. Which leads me to recreational sex which is consistently found in single gender institutions among the inmates. A strictly government controlled society would never admit publicly any activity that some would claim is against nature yet found in all levels of biological life in some form or another. It’s as if what is not talked about has no existence, bury it in the sand so that it cannot be seen, and that is the end of it. Hats off to a no nothing fraternity of ‘I just don’t believe it’….

Debate This

I regret not being able to offer much of a tweak of CNBC’s Republican debate, I never watch a broadcast displaying a news crawl. However, a colleague pointed out that some rebroadcasts of the post-debate discussion can be enjoyed without a news crawl, which I tried to sample on MSNBC, but they could not find a quiet place off the debate floor or away from the spin room so I gave up on them pretty fast.

Been spending more time with Varney & Co., on Fox Business, yes it does display a ticker tape, mostly numbers, I find less distracting then a news crawl. All the Fox outlets have their share of dyed blond air heads; they are called air heads only because that is just how they look. What is there to like about Varney & Co., well, it offers opinion, news and financial updates, politics, filling all my empty information vividness.

Returning to the debate, dog food is made up of so many different byproducts of meat that after processing it is gray in color and has to be tinted as if it is for human consumption since it is they who will be making the buying decision not the dogs. It was plain to see two freshly dyed heads of hair on Donald J. Trump and Carly Fiorina, for human consumption I can only assume.

Because I have turned a critical eye toward the way females appear on broadcast newscasts, that I would like for them to appear more like males, is not true, I want males to appear more like females. I want males to have shoulder length hair (blond, if possible), chiseled eyebrows, long false eyelashes, rosy cheeks, and big ruby red greasy lips to smile through…

Narration To Enforce A Truth

As we start to age, grow into the person that we will become, establish likes and dislikes, wants and whatnots, more importantly, conceptions, perceptions of the world and our place in it, our sense-datum becomes word warp. Our tolerance for the opinions of others are kept in the basement of a fifty story building of thoughts held dear. Little wonder that when it becomes known that the shop keeper down the street holds opinions that are contrary, the urge to organize a boycott of his shop becomes an obsession without limit, taken to the extreme, a fetish. A small circle celebrate as the shop begins to fail, all except a little old cadre of the elderly and handicap now forced to travel the extra distance for substance.

There are some who find disagreement in others that is so strong that it is quite easy for them to forbid them a livelihood even existence, and then go on to pass it on to their young and yet unborn without reason or regrets…

Israel 2015

On October 20th Israeli police were after a man who killed an Israeli soldier, wounded ten other people in a stabbing attack, then the police shot an Eritrean migrant, who was waiting for a bus, who started running like everyone else upon hearing gun shots, however, the police mistook him for a second attacker, then his body was beaten by an Israeli mob, he was later identified as a twenty-one-year-old Arab-Israeli without any known record of militancy.

It now seems that the knife is fast becoming the weapon of choice of anyone waiting to harm an Israeli, quickly and quietly, not to forget the rock throwing and sling-shoots.

“As a general rule, Palestinians being killed or injured isn’t news, and neither is the siege. Israeli Jews being killed is news, and journalists then solemnly report on the anguish of Israelis, and Israeli leaders deciding whether or not to exercise “restraint”. So stated newmatilda.com.

Tensions are so high in Israel these days, I’m thinking I could walk down any street in Jerusalem, pick out a middle eastern looking person at random, call him a terrorist with a bomb and watch a mob seize and puncher without questions…or regrets…

Food, Glories Food

‘Eating high on the hog’ was once a sign of prosperity, meaning during American slavery in the south after a peg was slaughtered the upper portion of the kill was dressed and sent up the big house, the lower portions, the undesired parts, remained with the slaves. These parts, such as feet of pegs, ears, jowls, trope, tail of the ox, small intestines, (chitterlings), etc., had to be made appealing so recipes were developed to make these parts taste good. Perhaps the most regrettable ingredient to come out of and developed during this era was lard fat, which became the foundation of most slave prepared meals in the slave quarters, and transferred north during The Great Migration becoming famous as Soul Food, when eaten on a regular basis can be deadly. When some vegetables were employed, cooked, whatever was allowed or at hand, and freely available, was those that required a long cooking time, was flavored with smoked meat and lard fat.

From Wikipedia, ‘Traditionally-prepared soul foods tend to be very high in starch, fat, sodium, cholesterol, and calories. In contemporary times, some traditional-style soul foods have been implicated in the abnormally high rates of high blood pressure (hypertension), diabetes, clogged arteries (atherosclerosis), stroke, and heart attack suffered by African-Americans – especially those living in the Southern and Central United States

I know of one family, very close to my own, who over the course of about ten years, all have died because of their love of soul food. After moving north went out of their way to find and prepare their meals the old southern traditional way unaware that it was affecting their health.

The experiences of southern American slaves are not unique, for any and all poor peoples, deprived of proper nutritional information can become victims of their heritage. It does not matter your heritage, I bit there are some your inherited foods, if eaten daily would prove to be harmful if consumed long term. One of the poor’s first priorities after shelter is fighting off hunger, which often leads to bad choices, ‘see that fat person over there looking so well fed, is malnourished, and may not have that long to live…How about you?

Plain Talk

To any civilian upon entering a proper frantic typical actively engaged medical operating theater, are at once struck by how casual and seamlessly nonchalant, even dealing with a life or death operation, the participants are as they go about their tasks. One may find loud music, random talk of the last weekend or the upcoming one or what was had for dinner last night or hope to have tonight. This factory floor atmosphere is especially designed for efficiency, not to be dwelled on any personal feelings or thoughts of the patient, a surgeon will never knowingly operate on a relative or friend.

A public official will take great pains describing an incident that caused the deaths of hundreds of people with glowing flowery terms of sadness and regret, both publicly and in letters of grief to the love ones. And yet to an assemblage of colleagues in the room upon first hearing of the incident will describe it in more direct and matter of fact terms suitable for any talk heard on any factory floor…

Education Free Or Else

The post-apartheid generation in The Republic of South Africa known as ‘Born Free’, has been demonstrating against university fee increases. Even the lowest university fees are prohibitive to mostly young people that persist two decades after inequalities where overturned after minority rule. Once again, I will never understand government refusal to invest in their young, failure to do so will surely mean welfare for the populace and/or prison all at the added expense of the government. It has always been best to invest in the future at some expense with big payoff in the end, forgive my common sense thinking…